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Backstory: Edit

Not much is known about the past of this new recruit. He was rescued from a deserted island by a marine ship, garrisoned by G-42, that happened to be surveying the area. His only posessions were his ragged clothes, a wooden stick fashioned into a spear, and a fancy dagger that looks the size of a katana in the hands of a normal sized person. He is a robust young man, 25 years old, but has the expression on his face of a seasoned hunter. People say his nickname comes from his ice-cold gaze.

Not long after he was picked up, the ship was ambushed by pirates. The pirates were fierce and cunning, but in the end the marine captain Victor Moop who oversaw the voyage showed that his rank was well earned and brought his crew to victory. On that day, Berge L. Mir decided to become a marine himself. Also on that day, the entire crew wondered what happened to the devil fruit they found on board the pirate ship.

Personal Belongings: Edit

  • An iron dagger with an ivory pommel.
  • Two Seastone ingots

Weapons: Edit

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Former user of the Pamu Pamu no mi