Alford Salvotor is a boy from the island of Toroa located in the West Blue. He is currently the Blacksmith of the Pyranos Pirates.

Personality Edit

Alford is usually calm and reserved on the outside, whereas on the inside he is a giant ball of anger. He also tends to be a bit too tense and unrelaxed.

Backstory Edit

Alford grew up in a small port town that was quite poor. Upon discovering a book about ships, he decided what he wanted his future to involve. He highly respected the Navy and dreamed to build their warships.

That dream however was crushed when he turned 18. On his way back from the market, Alford overheard a pirate captain who was bribing the local marine captain to let him get away. He was shocked to an extent, but he just moved on thinking that the marine would decline the offer. That night Alford woke up from a nightmare, only to realize it was not only a dream. Pirates were everywhere, destroying everything and killing everyone. He looked around to look for marines, but none could be seen.

Frightened, Alford ran out of his house and kept running until the town was unseen. He had then realized how much the Navy should not be trusted. With no where to go, Alford decided he could only find freedom and true justice one way, as a pirate.

Part II (Post Backstory) Edit

After entering the Grand Line, Alford avoided doing much aside from gathering supplies. On the way from Hydnora to Roma, however, he met up with Hirino Jones and joined the Pyranos Pirates. When the Pirate Crappic A. Wolf attacked Roma, Alford played a fairly major role in the final battle.