Name: Sir Arthur B. Balfor

Race: human

Affiliation: Pirate

Occupation: Histrorian

Backstory: ever since he was a boy he always wanted to study the curiosities and hidden secrets of the world, he left his mother at the age of 15 to go searching for all the knowledge he could get his hands on. When he returned to his home town he found his mother dead by the hands of some beasts whom lived in the forests near by, he then grabbed his fathers cane and spent months full of rage killing any and all beast on the island. During the mass culling he was attacked by a group of bandits who had a camp set up in the woods, he thought most of them off using the rifle mechanism in his fathers cane but one managed to get a shot though his left eye and he was left there to die. He was found by th towns doctor and nursed back to health, although the bullet shot had an impact of his thinking capabilities and sometimes goes through psychotic moments in which he can not control himself. He became the towns historian and spent the next 20 years starting a family and growing his rifle capabilities.

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