Backstory: Edit

Asha Was born on a relatively poor but close knit island in the east blue, everyone knows everyone and helps each other out. Because of this life tended to get rather dull for Asha in her younger years, tending to loll around with some of the other kids, causing trouble, if just to avoid the same thing day in and day out. About when she was fifteen, Someone new moved into the sleepy little village, a gruff middle aged woman whom scared off most of the other kids, Asha tended to bug this woman constantly, learning more about her every day, eventually the two formed an unusual friendship, Eventually she learned that the woman was an Ex-marine and asked if Asha was ever interested in learning to defend herself, saying she couldn't teach her how to shoot a gun and swing a sword but she could show her how to throw a mean punch. After a few years of training, which had mellowed her out...somewhat, Her teacher said she had learned all she was willing to teach and that the best experience was out there on the ocean. After a few months deliberating, She decided to go out to sea and have herself an adventure, then she could really spice things up back home.

Personality: Edit

Asha is an extrovert, shes loud, brash and prefers to get right to the point then talk about the semantics of something. She has a tendency to meet ideas with cynicism but not put forward anything forward herself. She can be quick to anger not really having all that much patience and likes to sometimes motivate people by cracking her knuckles with a large sadistic grin. Generally shes a huge goof ball, but she has her pride as a martial artist and will do the stupidest of things to keep that pride in check, completing stupid dares and the like.

Relationships Edit

The Pyranos Pirates: Edit

Asha is currently traveling with this group to get over the reverse mountain, she has spared with the captain and won by a very slim margin


Weapons: None besides good old bashing your face in with a fist...or a very high kick (waits patiently for martial arts list) 8,000,000 beli