Blood Coat Pirates
Jolly roger
Affiliation Chaotic Evil
Status Active
Crews Bounty 0
Crews Beli 8.020.152
Total Crew Stats
Stamina 53
Strength 58
Speed 84
Perception 65
Dexterity 78
Will 62
Crews Total 400


The name "Blood Coat" is the epithet of the captain Seapor 'Blood Coat' Lee. The name is given to him because of his overall blood thirstiness and his red attire. Their ship also uses the blood theme seeing as all their flags are dark red, like dried up blood.


The crew reside on a frigate type ship known as the 'Lost Skull'. The ship is

Flag Ship

medium size with a lot of small cannons on the side and a larger one in front. The figurehead of the ship is a cracked skull, the cannon goes trough the skulls mouth. The color of both the flags and the wood of the ship have a red hue, refferencing the captains blood theme. The ship can carry up to 200 people but has only enough space to house up to 10.


Seapor Lee Captain
Karina Alvena First Mate/Doctor

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