Fenix Black, whose mother was enslaved and killed by a Celestial Dragon, wants to overthrow the government and give freedom to the people from the unjust and corrupted World Government. To do this, he fled his homeland after he had accidentally murdered a noble in the Dojo and started looking for people to form a pirate crew who would eventually oppose the World Government.

He stole a stranded boat on Loguetown when the war was breaking out and made friends with Maya Mclevin and headed off to Grandline to start his journey and look for people who would support his cause and join his crew.

At the reverse mountain, he met with Zone, now his Vice Captain, he handed a business card over and explained his boat sank and also requested to hitch a ride. Fenix accepted his request to board and since they have become fast friends.

The three of them formed Celestial Phoenix Pirates as they entered the Grandline and encountered Grelind during a war on Roma Island who had showed himself to be a great fighter and a more friendly person. During the war, Fenix had a duel with a marine named Willow who treated Fenix's wounds that he received in the war, after finding out that Fenix was a pirate he confronted him but unfortunately lost the duel. To pay him back, Fenix carried him to his ship to have a nice cup of tea he had promised him. Aether had run ins with Fenix at many different occasions, but after a change in crew leadership he began to have worries. Fenix offered him a position first, then after the fight with Bill Tulip Zone turned to Aether and offered him a chance to join which he acceped. After reuniting with Willow after the fight with Bill Tulip Zone offered him a chance to be free and forge his own sense of justice. Willow accepted the offer and is now nakama.

About the Crew Edit

Mostly active members going for the long haul. We have a few slots open and we require a cook and a scientist. If you wish to join us, send a PM to Reddit username "DexyV"(Fenix Black) Or "Zona1234"(Zone) with your Bio and we'll get back to you.


Members Roles
Fenix Black Captain (Ultra Lazy. Drowns in 2" of Water)
Zone Vice Captain/Entertainer (Hentai Magician)
Maya McLevin Navigator (Loli)
Willow Z. Heart Doctor (Kidnapped. Good times)
Aether Greyspine Cook