Charlotte Nakiri is a revolutionary and Cook and Voice of Reason of Sanshō̄o Yūgure. She was a former a member of the Marine Team, Strike Team 6. Originally from the North Blue, she traveled to the East Blue to train herself where she met her former Strike Team. As one of the newest members of the revolutionary army Yūgure, she holds the title as one of the strongest new recruits. Her dream is to find the rumored All Blue, which is where East Blue, West Blue, North Blue, and South Blue meet along with their wildlife, a chef's paradise. Traveling across the Grand Line to achieve this dream, she has a fascination with the different types of wildlife found, collecting as many of them as she can as her pets. She has a bounty of 18, 000, 000.

Appearance Edit

Charlotte is a small, slim statured young woman with long legs.

Most notably about her appearance is her large hazel eyes and long, blonde messy hair,which reaches down to her lower back.

Charlotte always wears a purple jacket and hat to match. Under her jacket is a black t-shirt completed with light black shorts with black thigh length socks and brown boots.

Personality Edit

Charlotte's unique traits are her laid back nature and calm aura. Charlotte is generally quiet and shy girl. Not liking large groups or celebrations, Charlotte tends to wonder off on her own to explore place's she's never been to before.

Having grown up in the North Blue at her families restaurant, Charlotte has a love for cooking and cuisine. Collecting rare ingredients and recipes as she travels across the Grand Line, Charlotte also collects the strange and interesting animals found on each island she visits.

Relationships Edit