Personality: Edit

Outside of combat, Cicero is a very goofy and warm-hearted character. Having grown up in a town where bullies were few and scarce with his best friend Bernardo Grixiti, the people learned to get along with each other and help one another in times of need. Being friendly to others is natural for Cicero, but only if said people do not attempt to harm or defame his friends. He is a very protective person, and will do anything in his power to protect those he cares for.

Cicero, having lived in a household where there was always something to either get done (like housework) or to do (like training), he is almost always doing something when he feels the urge to be productive. Being analytical about his work, he looks at all possible ways to solve a problem or complete a task. But that doesn't mean he can't have fun. In fact, there are times he'll be with his best friend Bernardo instead of doing work on the days he isn't training, getting into mischief or exploring whatever is around them.

Backstory: Edit

Born a regular boy from East Blue, Cicero has always admired the strength of his pirate father and the many places he has been. Growing up, he aspired to be strong like his father, and trained to be a pirate worthy of remembrance. His father taught him his own swordsmanship techniques using a claymore longsword, as well as taught him about the Grand Line. As Cicero grew up alongside his blood brother and future captain Bernardo from early childhood, he grew a tremendous desire to explore the Grand Line and become the pirate he knew he wanted to become. Sailing out of East Blue, crew at the ready, Cicero and Bernardo sailed around the Grand Line where they struck treasure several times from various enemies and hidden gold. Cicero, as well as Bernardo and the crew, decided not to risk their newfound fortune and gave up the life of piracy for an easy, lush civilian life of relaxation in their hometown of East Blue. But, bored quickly by this lavish and uneventful lifestyle, Cicero persuaded an eager and yearning Bernardo to return to the sea, where adventure called to them once more.

Weapons: Edit

  • Claymore
  • Pistol

Arcs: Edit

  • Old Orchard 2 - Bowels of the Forest (Night)
  • Old Orchard 3 - Midnight Ambush
  • Weekly Training: Creepy Mountain (8.23.15-8.30.15)
  • Hydnora Island pt. 3: The Free
  • Weekly Training: Roma Island: Lespasian Coliseum: (8.30.15-9.6.15)

Combat Style: Edit