Cyrus Aewin is a 19 year old boy from East Blue currently traveling with a group of bounty hunters. He is always taking notes and is in the pursuit of knowledge, from Science to History to Culture and more.

Backstory Edit

Being the smallest boy on the farm doesn’t bring a kid much love. But wasting daylight sitting inside and taking apart tools will bring downright contempt. Cyrus Aewin’s only passion has always been understanding the world and the people in it: a passion which his family did not share. So when they woke on the day of his 18th birthday to find that he had disappeared in the night, they didn’t celebrate, but Cyrus could see from the bushes where he hid that they all wore a small grin on their faces while they worked. Convinced now with his decision, Cyrus left home in pursuit of something more, even though at the moment he wasn’t quite sure what that something was.

It isn’t so hard to get by when you don’t owe allegiances to anyone. A meal was only ever a distracted shop keep away from his grasp. His unassuming figure kept him out of trouble too. And on the off chance that he would bump into a rather unfriendly stranger, Cyrus always found a way to redirect their aggression or pay them off. He certainly never looked for trouble though. He didn't really look for good times either. His place was as an observer. Many hundreds of pages of notes fill his backpack detailing almost everything that catches his eye. They make up all that Cyrus cares for in the world. The only time he ever stood up to a punk was when he threatened to tear up Cyrus’ notebooks. The first thing he remembered after seeing the punk’s fist flying towards his face was waking up in a pile of ripped pages. He spent the rest of the night piecing them together and copying them to new sheets.

His never-ceasing pursuit of knowledge has led him inevitably closer to the Grand Line and the secrets it holds within. Stowed away on a merchant ship, Cyrus heads to Loguetown. As he peers out the porthole and glimpses the city, a grin ekes out of his usually stoic expression, and for the first time in a long time, he’s excited.

Companions Edit

Scientific Notes Edit

Cyrus' pursuit of all knowledge has led to larger and ever growing collection of notes. The following are the notes that have been acknowledged:

  • Maps of East Blue and weather information. This has led to Cyrus being relied on as an unofficial navigator.
  • Ice cream eating techniques and exotic flavors
  • Detailed descriptions and observations of his travelling partners

Miscellaneous Edit

Weapons: Multi-Tool Knife

Equipment: Backpack filled with notebooks, small oddities (magnifying glass)