Devil Fruits, or cursed fruits, give their consumer a special power - a 'Devil Fruit Ability'. The existing abilities are extremely diverse and each Devil Fruit is different. However, a universal disadvantage is that all users lose their ability to swim and become a so called 'hammer' when they find themselves in water.

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Devil Fruit TypesEdit

The Devil Fruits are categorized in three types: Zoan, Logia, and Paramecia.


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A Zoan type grants the user the ability to morph into a specific species of animal, either fully or into a half human/half animal state.

Mythical Zoan Edit

Are Zoan-type fruits that allow the use to morph into a mysical creature, more powerful than logia-type fruits.

Ancient Zoan Edit

These are a sub-class of zoan fruits that are based on ancient or extinct animals.


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A Logia type allows users to turn their bodies into a specific element. Logia users can fully turn their bodies into that element, produce that element outside of their bodies, and control that element in a specific radius around their bodies.


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Any Devil Fruit that does not fit in the Zoan or Logia category are Paramecia types. Paramecia is for that reason the most diverse category of Devil Fruits.