Overview Edit

The doctor/scientist is one of 11 occupations available in the RP. People that have the doctor/scientist occupation are generally known for their scientific knowledge and their willingness to help others. Doctors are invaluable for a crew because of their help healing wounds in many situations. Given the right traits scientists will have the ability to make poisons and antidotes that can be used during or outside of battle.

Traits Edit

  • Chemist - Can create poisons and antidotes (with the right materials). The poisons start off weak and become stronger as the trait is upgraded. People with this trait also receive a small perception and dexterity boost
  • Quick Fix - Has the ability to heal wounds and injuries (Keep in mind that other classes can only bandage injuries badly)
  • Cyborg Surgeon - Can replace missing limbs with items.The user also gains a small dexterity and stamina boost. As the trait is upgraded the limbs would gain in quality starting with just a normal peg leg.

Players Edit

Linked here is a list of players that have chosen doctor/scientist as their occupation (WIP)

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