"Dom" Kriek is an incredibly powerful pirate who roams the peaceful East Blue. A successful new world veteran, he eventually encountered one of the division crews of a Yonko and was decimated. He now rules a large territory of the East Blue, using his over 400 strong crew.

Appearance Edit

"Dom" Kriek is an exceptionally tall and muscular man, standing at almost 9' tall when bare feet, which he is 90% of the time. His feet are hard and crusty from walking on tough surfaces all the time and are scarred, like the rest of his body.

Personality Edit

Kriek was once a kindhearted man, but now all he seeks to do is increase his power. He is merciless and will punish his own crew for failure. His experiences in the grandline have turned him into a cynical but powerful pirate.

Abilities and Powers Edit

It is rumored that his punch can destroy the mast of a ship in one punch. However after excessive hitting, some people say his back muscles start to spasm from overuse, a witness of his tumultuous past.

Fleet Edit

Dominics flagship the "Bullhead's charge" is a powerful ship, filled to the brim with weaponry. It has a bull head

His second ship contains maps and the food supplies for the journey, and has a distinctive dragon head

His third ship contains his library and some of his treasure and has a lion head

His fourth ship has pets and special items, and his workshop and has an owl head

His fifth ship contains some treasure, but is primarily a ship that holds weapons, it has a snake head

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