Backstory: Edit

The son of a famous pirate, he was trained to use dual katanas, but lost them when something horrific happened. He wasmugging people in Lougetown, where all the wannabe Embereys come through. But was recruited into a crew who then left him on the island in the confusion of the Grand Line entrance. He made his own way there and arrived in Roma, in which he waited in hope that his crew would arrive. Days turned to weeks, and by the time a month had passed he was known as the town drunk, raving about how he was part of a pirate crew, and how he was going to become the strongest. He frequented the Colosseum, and the shock that came with seeing his captain for the first time in a mouth was no where near the excitement he felt for the prospect of returning to adventures.

Miscellaneous Edit

Weapons: [Dual katanas.]

Beli: 5000 Beli