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Southwick picked up the sword by necessity. Plenty of people tried to exploit his hometown by the sea. Any threat to the village was met with resistance, after all, the people of this village were tough. His simple life of farming was periodically interrupted by the latest hot-shot who was trying to look for an easy target. Even a sword isn't enough defy fate, a series of droughts crippled his farm and the little village by the sea slowly became a ghost town. Elton only knew how to do two things: farming and swordplay, and with his farm in shambles, he went out to sea to find a job with his blade. Southwick eventually found his way onto a pirate crew that foolishly attacked the World Government, the Navy officer that they fought was too lazy to chase after them, and they all survived. After the embarrassing defeat, the crew split up and went their separate ways. Elton has been drifting from town-to-town in order to find some meaning in his life.

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Elton was a wanderer