Esmond is the Musician and Swordsman of The Underworld Pirates.

Appearance Edit

Esmond is a tall, thin young man. His thin face is topped with windswept brown hair tied in two little braids. He wears a chainmail vest under an open leather jacket with sleeves pulled up. he wears a glove on his right hand.

Esmond has two dragon tattoos, one on his left forearm, and the other on the back of his right shoulder.

Personality Edit

Esmond has a very lewd personality. His actions lack etiquette and seem downright rude to some. He's always looking for a good fight and doesn't back off from facing powerful enemies.

Abilities and Powers Edit

His bandit skills are honed to such an extent that he can steal or acquire nearly any object he sets eyes on. He's extremely quick on his feet and with his shortswords.

Weapons Edit

Esmond carries two shortswords, sheathed on his back. One is a Machete, which he pulls out from below in his left hand, and the other is a straight edged Tanto, which he uses with his right hand.

Relationships Edit

Stingray Kuroobi Edit

Esmond and Ray started off on the wrong foot, where in an inebriated state, Esmond accidentally angered Ray and ended up nearly dead.

Gin chan Edit

Gintoki protected Esmond by stopping Ray from ending his life with his trident.

Shinmen Akasukin Edit

Shin helped Esmond recover from his wounds from the fight with Stingray.

History Edit

He is a kinda guy everyone imagines about when they hear bandits attacking a town. He's ruthless, selfish and a cold blooded killer. He was born with blood red eyes which later proved to be his character symbol. His notorious grin with blood thirst in eyes shivers up the opponents. He was adopted and raised by bandits after his parents were killed by a disloyal knight. He wears a chainmail vest as a trophy from his first kill, the same knight.

He carries a harmonica, playing tunes for every genre and occasion. He is a man of few words but whenever he speaks, his deep voice is enough to run a chill down spines. His skills as a bandit were out of the league, but now, he's least interested in this tiny profit bearing work. He's intimidated by pirates for they loot a lot more than a bandit ever could, so, he decides to be one. 

He strikes excellence with a machete and a tanto he carries. Also, he carries two guns, a flintlock and a salvaged revolver. He has never missed a single shot.

Major Battles Edit

Against Stingray Kuroobi at the colosseum in Roma.

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