Jolly Roger of the Fire Eye Pirates


The name Fire Eye comes from the surprisingly orange colored eyes of the captain Jet Jenkins​.  Aside from the natural color of Jet's eyes, the Fire Eye pirates name also symbolizes the fire within each member to accomplish their dreams.  


The crew's ship is decadent and interesting.  It has two hulls in fact.  The primary hull which touches the sea and then a second hull 6 inches inwards of the first.  Between the two hulls is dirt and tree roots.  The tree roots come from the mighty Redwood tree that acts not only as a living part of the ship, but the main mast as well.  The tree's roots go all throughout the ship and help to make it living, stronger, and different.  


Name Occupation
Jet Jenkins Pirate Captain
Holt Hormiga Zoologist and First Mate
Vincent Soru Navigator
Blaine Hikari Historian
Zaruza Killio Warrior
Diego Beyett Warrior
Maxwell Vallance Warrior
Meatloaf Chef

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