The Fish & Poker Chips Sailors are a crew of ex-pirates who have decided to retire in Pearly Town, on Reverse Mountain.


The F&P Sailors, simply called the "Sailors" in Pearly town, used to roam the North Blue under the Jolly Roger of Captain Juan Fernandez, who has since passed away. Since his death 10 years ago, they have settled in the pirate-friendly town of Pearly Town and own an inn, in which they sell their own catch, as half the crew now uses their ship, the Ragged Fisherman, to fish.


Members Roles
Nyles "Emerald" Giorno First Mate
Yngarr Salam Navigator
Vaughn Count Swordsman
Uther "Fishy" Stripe Rifleman
Oliver de Paddou Surgeon
Jacob Yulq Shipwright