Overview Edit

Fishmen are the race of people originally coming from Fishman Island in the centre of the grand line, they appear humanoid with several fishlike features, they have gills in their neck which allow them to breathe underwater, They are able to survive the crushing depths of the ocean, all Fishmen have legs unlike they’re merfolk counterparts and usually have multi tonal skin colours. A fishmans size varies greatly depending on what species of fishman they are. (Please note that species of fishmen will be assigned randomly, so if you chose to be a fishman please don’t designate your self a type, you will be given one by the mods).

Fishman species Edit

  • sawshark
  • ocean sunfish
  • pelican eel
  • smelt-whiting
  • octopus
  • carp
  • whale shark
  • ray
  • salmon
  • billfish
  • cowfish
  • pop-eyed goldfish
  • arowana
  • marbled rockfish
  • giant squid
  • cookie cutter shark
  • Japanese Wobbegong Shark
  • Daggertooth Pike Conger
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Japanese Bullhead Shark
  • Sea Bream
  • Brocade Perch
  • Anglerfish
  • Squid
  • Great White Shark

Traits and Abilities Edit

SawShark: 100 Dex Sharp teeth.

Ocean Sunfish: 150 Dex immune to poison, 120 Dex doubles weight.

Pelican Eel: 50 Dex can swim faster than normal fishmen and dive deeper, 200 Dex Blunt attacks do less.

Smelt-whiting: 50 Dex water gun, 150 Dex water cannon.

Octopus: passive 6 arms, 200 Dex small camouflage.

Carp: 175 Dex sense vibrations in water and dirt.

Whale Shark: 60 Dex summon a whaleshark, 200 Dex stronger FmK.

Ray: 160 Dex Strong bone like blades on your arms.

Salmon: 60 Dex increased jumping ability.

Billfish: 130 Dex Strong blade like bone horn that can be used as a sword.

Cowfish: 140 Dex Weak Toxin that comes off their skin can only effect open wounds.

Pop-Eyed Goldfish: 130 Dex Increased eyesight.

Arowana: 50 Dex water gun, 150 Dex water cannon, 200 Dex Stronger head.

Marbled Rockfish: 160 Dex Medium level poison spines on your back.

Giant Squid: Passive 8 arms, 80 Dex Ink.

Cookiecutter Shark: 80 Dex Strong teeth, 300 Dex Swim through the ground at a slow speed.

Japanese Wobbegong Shark: 130 Dex can camouflage with the ground.

Daggertooth Pike Conger: 50 Dex can swim faster than normal fishmen and dive deeper.

Hammerhead Shark: Passively stronger skull.

Japanese Bullhead Shark: Nothing.

Sea Bream: 140 Dex Steel strength back.

Brocade Perch: 180 Dex stronger FmK.

Anglerfish: Passively dive deeper, Passively see in the dark using their light.

Squid: Passive 8 arms, 100 Dex Ink.

Great White Shark: 80 Dex Sharp teeth, 200 Dex stronger FmK.

*all of the above can learn Fishman karate.

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