Gale style, is a fighting style developed by Hirino Jones that relies more on the users speed than their strength, though based on the nature of this fighting style it can be extremely taxing on the users body and was mainly developed to finish battles quickly. It is characterized by the green aura that forms one the users body with the area of their attack. To learn the Gale Style one must see Hirino Jones and learn from him.


Techniques Edit

Gale Force Winds: Edit

A rapid, unrelenting attack that uses both legs after being charged up, the user release off the ground and then uses their momentum to form quick, fast and powerful attacks on their target.

Piercing Dragon Gale: Edit

This is the heaviest of all the attacks, this one requires precise movements were the users brings their leg up and then using tremendous force slams down their foot like a drill.

Gale Force Hurricane: Edit

A technique that requires a sword, the user spins around quickly, gathering their energy into the sword and then releases it from their sword while aiming it at their target, this makes a gust of wind shoot from the user.

Flying Gale Kick: Edit

This one requires the user to manipulate their momentum while in air, it is currently one of the most advanced techniques.

Gale Typhoon: Edit

A rapid fire attack, one which involves rapid unrelenting attack, commonly using a sword.