Gin is the captain of The Underworld Pirates.

Appearance Edit

Gin is a slim, fair young man with long black messy hair tied in a bun. He has Black eyes and a beard.

Gin chan at age 18

He wears a red bead necklace which used to have three tooth-like ornaments when he arrived on Roma. Since then, the bead necklace has no ornaments. When he arrived at Roma, he was wearing red robes, and now he wears some dark shorts.

Gallery: Edit

Personality Edit

Gintoki is a kind person. As a young boy, he is inexperienced in many things, and due to his tribal lineage, he has a wild disposition. Having grown up in a cannibalistic tribe, he is well versed in survival tactics and mortal battles.

Relationships Edit

Pyranos Pirates Edit

Wilfred Edit

Wilfred was the first person Gin met at Roma. Gin was treated rather hospitably.

Hirino "Hiro" Jones Edit

Hiro, the captain of the Pyranos pirates welcomed Gin and helped him look for the Red nosed pirate. Hirino also accepted Gin's request to be allowed to travel with the pyranos pirates for the next three islands.

Shinmen Akasukin Edit

Shinmen and Gintoki met at the colosseum where Shin saved Gin's life. Together, they destroyed multiple stone golems and killed 5 marine soldiers. However, they were defeated soon after by a very powerful Marine commander, Bjorn Odinson. They barely escaped together with their lives.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Gintoki has a very wild fighting style, completely inspired by his tribe's ancient techniques. His quick legs and agile physique allow him to outmaneuver most of his opponents.

Weapons: Edit

Gin carries a wooden spear with a metal tip and red cloth tied at the tip. He uses it expertly, and is also proficient in using a bone knife.

History Edit

A young warrior from the Kumate tribe, he left the bear claw shaped island to look for the pirate who destroyed peace on his tiny world. Growing up in a cannibal tribe has its perks - you learn to stay alive. He shed his ponytail and lets his hair grow long in atonement along with all the tribesmen when they lost their will after being subjected to the terror of the red nosed pirate. He travels in a canoe he carved out from a single tree. He has an unusual condition which makes him age randomly.

Major battles Edit

  • Various stone golems at the colosseum in Roma with Shinmen Akasukin.
  • Five marine foot soldiers at the colosseum in Roma with Shinmen Akasukin.
  • Marine commander Bjorn Odinson at the colosseum in Roma with Shinmen Akasukin.

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