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Great toothed cuckoo

An artist's rendition of a Great Cuckoo

The Great Toothed Cuckoo is an animal native to Reverse Mountain. It was first encountered about three centuries ago by the great explorer and botanist Blackcliff Roland, who documented their behavior as "aggressive, dangerous and unstable", but also noting that they had a great eyesight, allowing them to spot relatively small predators hiding on the mountain's side and swoop to attack them. They do not fear many living creatures, preying on animals up to 100kg and even known to openly hunt humans.

Interactions Edit

During Stormy Waters: On The Way to Reverse Mountain!, several pirates encountered an adult Great Cuckoo and its four chicks when they disturbed its nest, looking for the Theta Key which would allow scientists from Weatheria to repair their cloudmass accelerator.

Combat: Edit

The Great Cuckoo fights with its talons and the medium-sized claws on its wings, along with pecks from its sharp beak. It kills small preys by dropping them from a small height, collecting their mangled carcass and bringing it back to its nest. For stronger adversaries, it tries to knock them off balance by generating small gusts of wind with its wing mid-flight, or piquing towards them at high speeds and trying to impale them with its beak.