What is Haki? Edit

Haki is a way to achieve feats that people with weak bodies and will can not achieve like punching fire and kicking gas it is more prevalent in the new world but is fairly common to see in the grand line or at least weak versions of it, there are three kinds of haki Observation haki or CoO, Armament haki or CoA and the very rare Conqueror's haki or CoC.

Observation haki? Edit

Observation haki allows you to sense and see things you couldn't before learning this ability in our RP it is used to see attacks before they happen or see things from a far distance even some times see through objects like walls there are three form of it in the RP

Vision: The ability to see things with your eyes better like see a swing of a weapon directly in front of you or see a bullet flying towards you.

Aura: The ability to see the aura of people through walls faintly and from a very far distance in open ground this can be used to hit people you couldn't see without this ability or dodge sneak attacks.

Surroundings: The ability to use your much better vision to see things behind you when someone is preforming a sneak attack or trying to hit you from a blind spot.

Armament haki? Edit

Armament haki allows the user to harden there skin as a defensive shell using there increased will power to block attacks like wearing a suit of armor without the downsides if used correctly it can also be used for offensive purposes and allows you to finally harm those pesky logia users in our RP there are three forms like for observation haki but they work slightly differently getting stronger in strength as you gain ranks in the ability to use armament haki.

Limb: you are able to coat a limb in the black armor but are unable to fuse it into weapons.

Half body: half body gives you the ability to coat weapons and items in the black armor and increases the strength of your ability to coat your body allowing you to cover half your body in the armor.

Full body: same with the half body form but much stronger and are now able to coat your full body in the armor.

Conqueror's haki? Edit




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