Name: [James "Red-Eyes" Taylor]

Affiliation: [Neutral]

Occupation: [Pirate]


Was living a simple farmer life until the marines found some less than desirable crops on his farm and was forced to take the life of a pirate. Usually stumbles into situations that he would rather not be in. When confronted by a tough situation he is more of the "flight" rather than "fight" type of persona. Never really knows what is going on until it is very apparent and not very strong. Usually talks or tricks his way out of most situations. Usually found in bars or pubs drinking till he falls over or in alleyways with a strange smell following him.


Stamina (STAM): [10]

Strength (STR): [5]

Speed (SPD): [25]

Perception (PER): [5]

Dexterity (DEX): [15]

Willpower (WILL): [10]


Weapons: [Bag full of smoke bombs, flash bombs, stink bombs, and other things to get out of fights and situations with the marines]

Beli: 5000 beli

Other: [Strange smelling sack] when others ask what is in the sack he simply ignores them or tells them it's a strange herb with a calming effect.

[Tobacco pipe] although no one has seen him smoke from it.