Jericho Waller
Jericho Waller
Vital statistics
Position Captain of the Headhunters
Age 25
Status Bounty Hunter
Physical attributes
Height 5'8
Weight 180 lb.
Name: Jericho Waller

Epithet: "Gull Slayer"

Affiliation: Marine

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Backstory: Edit

Lazy, unmotivated, yet greedy, Jericho Waller [1] is an ex-marine who, after finding out it paid terribly, quit to become a bounty hunter. Not long after he quit, he challenged John the Giant at the Battle of Gull Island, and lost. Since then, it has been his goal to find the 'pea-brain' and fight him on even ground. An average sized man, Waller wears an old Marine uniform and cap with Beri symbols scribbled all over them. He has scars on his jaw from childhood. He is also something of a moron.

At a young age, Jericho Waller's father went out to explore the open seas as a child, leaving him and his mother alone. Pirates would come every year, demanding a tribute. If the citizens couldn't pay up, they were beaten, their possessions stolen, and left half dead. They never could pay up, and the Marines never saved the day. By the time Jericho was old enough to build a ship and leave home, his island had become nothing more than their playground, something to burn as they saw fit. He was able to escape, but he knew he can never return home.



Stamina (STAM): 10

Strength (STR): 10

Speed (SPD): 13

Perception (PER): 12

Dexterity (DEX): 15

Willpower (WILL): 10

Miscellaneous: Edit

Red Fishing Pole [2] (Free)

Weapons: Rapier, Wanted Posters.

Beli: 5000 Beli

Flag: The Bounty Hunter [3]

Boat: The Floating Iron [4]