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John "Inner tube" Thatcher had been napping in his inner tube when he awoke to a loud yell. Looking towards the noise he sees a ship smashed in two. Swimming over he finds a man with a baby on one half. The man was nearly bit in two and had no chance of living, but the child was unscathed. "Woah what happened?!" John asked. "My ship was attacked by a sea king. I know I'm going to die, just please save my son. What's your name?" "My name? Uh, well it's John Thatcher but I don-" " Alright, that's his name too. he pointed at the kid I'm so thankful someone came to save," he started crying "thank you, thank you so much. Now go," John didn't know what to say, so he took the tiny baby in his giant palm and set off. Eventually he ended up on his home island, the land of giants, Elbaf. He gave the baby to a close friend of his to take care of and set off to sea once more. Now a tough 18 year old human, John Thatcher wanted to experience the world. Being raised with giants made him a scrappy and rough person, who couldn't stand being looked down on. Having been told about the first John Thatcher since he was young, he was determined to find the giant who saved his life and thank him. That's not all he wanted though. He deeply loved his foster race, and wanted to lead them as king of the Giants by proving his strength to them. Now, having snuck on a marine supply ship and in one of the four blues (his knowledge of world geography was limited) he steeled himself for the giant adventure that laid on the horizon.

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