Appearance: Edit

Height: 6''9 ft

Weight: 187 lbs

Hair: Medium, Black, slightly spiky, and covers his eyes

Clothes: Weares a white and blue marine tank top and pink pants.

Personality: Edit

A very laid back kind of guy, Julles doesn't like arguing with others and prefers keeping peace between everyone, he also has no humor although he cracks puns from time to time he doesn't understand them or realise he made them. Although his "Californian surfer dude attitude" he believes in Absolute Justice.

Backstory: Edit

Originating from a small fishing Island in South Blue, Julles lived surrounded by mist and fish stench, growing up in the slums with his grandpa as his only family he had to be strong to survive. Constantly fighting and scavenging for any bit of food, made him very resourceful and strong even considering his young age, jokingly the fishermen of the area gave him the nickname of "Barracuda", a nickname that still follows him to this day.

One tragic night, some thieves tried to steal from Julles's house, although they were chased away by the young lad they escaped with not only all his money, but they also took away Julles's granpa's ability to walk. The lad made a vow to never let any criminal rest as long as he was alive, which inspired him to join the Marines.

Fast forward a few years, to present time, and Julles has achieved the rank of captain, looking to climb higher on the Marine ranks and to find a high ranked marine who can teach him to be a better fighter and person.

Weapons: Edit

A regular saber with the scent of fish guts, the smell doesn't bother Julles.

Combat Style: Edit

Fights with a single sword focusing on strong blows and swift cuts, known to use his free hand from time to time to grapple the enemy or assist in guaranteeing his attacks.

He is practices the "Water Flow" style, a fighting style that can easily adapt to any weapon focused on dodging and rapidly striking back