Name: kahm kuros

Epithet: none

Affiliation: neutral

Occupation: None

Backstory: Edit

Tldr (cause this one's long but unique) : an escaped experiment secretly known and pursued by only the world government of high status that cannot speak but has human qualities and appearance. Can turn it's body into a blob like material that can make part of its body denser, create an explosion (which will make that part of the body unusable for a week) and can regenerate material. Turning into the material causes it to consistently lose stamina (think choppers rumble ball but will go unconscious if it turns into material for too long)

escaping from Vegapunk's lab, kahm is a humanoid experiment created purely to hunt pirates (like a pacifista). It had no mind of its own, merely a killing machine with no personality or free will. Made of an unknown blob-like material that could be molded and moved around at will(like dough) it had the ability to change its shape, increase its density so dense it could punch through steel, create a large explosion with any part of its body, and could regenerate the material by itself (but as of now, his powers are massively reduced)

 One day, an unknown researcher stealthily took the human mind in the form of an indestructible sphere, and fused it with Kahm, giving it the appearance of a human being, along with free will.

He wakes up.

Without the ability to speak, he darts around aimlessly around the lab. Confused, clueless and frightened, he attempts to escape to find answers. Despite his power being massively reduced due to the sphere, he still manages to escape. With no direction or goal, while being secretly known and pursued by only the higher ups in the world government, he hides in the hope that someone will find him, and guide him towards life.

Important note: in order to access his powers, he has to turn his entire body into the material. This actively drains his stamina, to the point in which he will go unconscious if he does not switch back to human form. If his sphere is taken out (either voluntarily or forcefully, which is extremely difficult, he will revert into his mindless self until the sphere is fused back, which is also extremely difficult)


Stamina (STAM): 15

Strength (STR): 14

Speed (SPD): 6

Perception (PER): 10

Dexterity (DEX): 16

Willpower (WILL): 9


Weapons: blob-like material (can't think of a name)

Beli: 5000 Beli