Backstory Edit

Son of Alfie Tollis, Vice Admiral during the battle of the Awad Pirates vs Aoehibi’s Marines (also known as „Lazy Justice Massacre“). Joined the marines after the disappearance of his father in the course of the events at Gull Island. Changed his last name so he doesn’t receive preferential treatment.

Description Edit

Kingsley has golden hair and golden eyes. The marine tattoo on his chest shows his affiliation. His muscular appearance is covered with scars.

Story Edit

In Loguetown Kingsley meets Flint Hargrove and an injured Garret Lynas. They bring Garret to a hospital and patch him up. Later Kingsley and Garret meet in the Embery Bar, where they get into a fight with two pirates, Fenix Black and Fortner M. Sufi.

Kingsley takes on Sufi and Garret Fenix. They both lose and get picked up by Flint Hargrove later. Flint met Albert Dracos and Willow Z. Heart on his way there. They claim a ship and sail to conquer new frontiers.

Fights Edit

Kingsley "Merry" Marlowe vs. Fortner M. Sufi: Lost