Basic Information: Edit

Kise Yagami
Nickname "Dark Wind"
Affiliation Razor Blade Pirates
Role Firstmate/Navigator
Sea of Origin East Blue
Dream To make Arthur Draghar the Pirate King

Leroy Dell, best marine

Kise Yagami, in his regular outfit made to mock the marines. It says "Fk Marines" on the back


Backstory: Edit

Kise used to be a sad boy, he lived a lonely life in misery. But all that ended when he discovered sake and women. From then on he lived a happy life, partying at every chance he got.

Stats: Edit

Stamina 12
Strenght 12
Speed 20
Perception 14
Dexterity 23
Willpower 9

Misc: Edit


His marvelous fists

And a katana

Beli: 5000 Beli