Personality: Edit

Backstory: Edit

Kuros warborn grew up on the Conomi islands a place which had been both brutalized by pirates and left abandoned by Marines in various different circumstances. Watching these groups do as they please so often Kuros began to understand that the ideologies of right and wrong that the majority held were far too inconsistent; he learnt from this and developed what he refers to as personal justice. That ones own actions should be decided on what they believe the best course to be. The trope of good and evil being something he would not play into. When he turned 17 he successfully signed up for the marines. The white uniform gave him a sense of responsibility and authority. It was however not enough. He would one day reach the pinnacle of World Government authority.

Weapons: Edit

Two normal Katana one on each side of his hips and a single shot pistol tucked away behind his back.

Comabt Style: Edit