Leone Vermillion Edit

Backstory: Edit


Just your typical street punk who was given a choice to either become a marine or go to jail for life. Guess which one she picked. Known to be Bold and Brash, except she doesn't belong in the trash. Not much of a formal education but shes can think quick during a fight as well as take a few hits. Leone definitely wants to rank up fast so she can get rid of this crappy marine uniform.

Apperance Edit

It's somewhere around here depending on your layout :T

Affiliation: Edit

Marines: Edit

As noted by a few people, Leone isn't the most diligent marine but she definitely does stuff sometimes.

Active crew Edit

Past crew(s); Edit

Personality Edit


Relationships Edit

Leon "Blackjack" Stone: "Giraffe guy has a rod stuck in him somewhere, and it ain't in his neck..."

Meatloaf: "He's pretty strong, for a pig anyways. He may have beaten me once but that ain't happening again, you can count on that."

Powers / Abilities Edit

Mutt Mutt Fruit, Model: Wolf-

15 Dex 5% STR boost in half mode

30 Dex 5% SPD boost in half mode

60 Dex 10% PER boost in half mode

105 Dex 10% stat boost in full skin half mode (Per Spd Str) -10% Stam

160 Dex 15% stat boost in full form (Per Spd Str) -10% Stam

Passive: Sharp claws


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