Dino Dino no mi model Rex Rex: Tene Uicter (Pirate)

Ushi Ushi no mi model Bison: Holt Hormiga (Pirate)

Hebi Hebi no mi model Viper: Maya McLevin's pet (Pirate)

Ushi Ushi no mi model Giraffe: Leon Stone (Marine)

Inu Inu no mi model Wolf: Leone Vermillion (Marine)


Mera Mera no mi: Shinra Zazula (Revolutionary)

Hie Hie no mi: Gil (Revolutionary)

Ame Ame no mi Toshi (Pirate)


Supa Supa no mi: Blake Eaton (Marine) → Makha Nordens (Marine)

Ope Ope no mi: Kenny Direhart (Pirate) → Arthur Draghar (Pirate)

Giro Giro no mi: Dope Salt (Marine) → Charlotte Nakiri (Revolutionary)

Gomu Gomu no mi: Mikealo Spaghetti (Marine)

Kilo Kilo no mi: Maya Mclevin (Pirate)

Bara Bara no mi: Kingsley Marlowe (Marine)

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