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Luca Martin was born on one of the wealthiest islands of North Blue. The wealth of this island was mainly in the hands of three Families while the rest of the inhabitants of the island lived in severe poverty, witnessing the grand lifestyle the three Families were living. Luca could not stand it. At the age of twelve a young Luca broke into one of the Families palaces and saw the life he could have been living. Luca fell into a rage snatching up everything he could without getting caught by the guards. When he returned to his village and saw the unimaginable wealth he had taken he realized that if he kept the wealth for himself he would become just as hated as the three Families. So Luca snuck into each of the villagers homes and planted a little bit of his newfound treasure into each. This was not enough for him. He wanted the Families to suffer the same poverty he did. Every night afterwards Luca would break into one of the Families palaces and steal as much as he could carry and plant it into the villagers houses.

This trend continue for eight years when finally Luca was caught by one of the guards. A trial was held by the Families and Luca was banished from the island. Luca traveled from island to island stealing to survive, donning a long black cloak covering his dusty blond hair and making his small height seem even shorter. Along his travels he heard rumors of a legendary treasure called One Piece and decided that it would be his greatest heist.

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