Lync 'Golden Eye' Core
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Affiliation Neutral
Crew N/A
Age 16
Height 6'6
Status Alive
Beli 5000
Notable Weapons Dual Spears shaft made of ash wood 2.5m long with a 35 cm leaf blade
Devil Fruit
Stamina 19
Strength 14
Speed 25
Perception 23
Dexterity 25
Will 17
Total 123

 Description: Edit

Category Value Note(s)
Age 16
Height 201cm (6'6")
Weight 80kg
Hair Style Short on the sides medium on top
Hair Colour Brown hair
Physique Tall and Lean with Wiry muscles
Eye Colour Molten gold
Distinguishing Marks Knuckles burned into his forehead

Personality: Edit

Backstory: Edit

Born somewhere in the New World Lync was sent away at the age of 6 as was custom only allowed to return when he was strong enough. In the grand line Lync was an orphan raised by the community, at the age of 8 a pirate crew sailed in and Lync hung out with them and developed a friendship with the crew he also began to train in dual spears at this time. After a while the pirate crew left leaving lync to train for the next 8 years. Upon turning 16 Lync has left his home island travel the world find his friends and find more and most importantly become the strongest spear-man and return to his real home

Attacks: Edit

Inventory: Edit

Relationships: Edit

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