Mikealo Spaghetti is an ex-Prince turned marine who leads strike team six. He fights using different forms of martial arts but resorts primarily to boxing and wrestling.

Personality: Edit

Mikealo is a rather perverted man flocking over anything with a cup size and He has a very special interest in his commander fifty grey. he tends to be very lazy sleeping in and missing early breakfast and sometimes entire days. At his heart he believes the marines are heroes and will do anything to prove that. Any one who speaks ill of the marines tend to be rather aggravating to Mike. When he meats a corrupt marine his first thought will all ways be to put them in there place for disregarding justice. He still seeks to be a hero the marines can be proud. When it comes to his friends he couldn't be happier with the people he has met. They can fight and have misunderstandings but he knows that his team would not act without good reason. He has never been in a position to protect any of his team but if the time came he would be happy to. His favorite food is pizza.

Backstory: Edit

Mikealo grew up on in south blue on tomato island. He was royalty growing up as Prince of the island with his father as the king. Mikealos mother died in child birth and his father never spent any time with him locking him In His room. He spent this time imagining himself as a hero who every one loved. When Mikealo was five his life took a turn for the worst when pirates attacked his island. They forced their way into mikealos mansion and began looting and killing every thing in their path. The pirates capture mikealo and his father and hold them for ransom. Mikealo father begs that they only take mikealo and leave him alone breaking mikealos heart. but the pirates don't listen and take them both. Mikealo is saved by marines lead by a captain logan Gonzalez a few days later. Mikealo father died in captivity and he was homeless so he begs to join the marines.

The years have passed and mikealo has grown into a fine marine. He wants to master rokushiki one day and was traind by captain fifty "shade" grey. On regular he spares with his comrades shinra and Eaton. He dreams to become the hero he's always wanted to be, even if he can't stay awake and away from women.

Inventory: Edit

  • Den den mushi
  • Two fishing poles
  • Enough food for 4 people for two weeks
  • A pistol

Combat Style: Edit