Overview Edit

The navigator is one of 11 occupations available in the RP. Navigators are usually known for their good sense of direction and ability to keep calm in emergency situations. Navigators are absolutely invaluable for any crew if they want to survive out on the rough seas of the grand line. These people will help the crew make it from one island to the next with as little problems as possible. The farther into the grand line you get, the more you will need a navigator!

Traits Edit

  • New bearings: Gain an average perception boost.
  • Current mastery: Completely grasp currents and maps. Keep in mind that this is the only class that can read a map correctly.
  • Cartographer’s Charm: Navigation tools cost 10% less. These players will also gain a small willpower boost.

Players Edit

Linked here is a list of players that have chosen navigator as their occupation (WIP)

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