Members Edit

Current Members Edit

Members Roles
Flint Hargrove Leader
Kingsley Marlowe Chef
Julles Barracuda Navigator
Olliver Revillo Entertainer
Makha Nordens Warrior

Former Members Edit

Members Roles
Garret Lynas Navigator
Adda Foucault Navigator
Snorf Taco Scholar
Willow Z. Heart Doctor
Tiberius Steel Blacksmith
Albert Dracos Shipwright

History Edit

The Paragon Marines were formed by Flint Hargrove in Loguetown right before the crew entered the grand line. Unfortunately soon after entering the crew lost their sole navigator Garret Lynas. They participated in many famous events such as the Vanilla Isle Ice Cream Eating Competition and the Lespasian Colosseum's arena brawl. While on Roma Island where the colosseum was they found a new navigator named Adda Foucault a welcome addition to the crew.

The next additions to the crew came at the beginning of Berry Atoll. On that same archipelago they found out that they'd lost their doctor to the pirates. It was a sad day.