Name: Edit

The name "Pyranos" came from something Hirino heard when he was a child in his town, a crazy old lady would say it, saying that it meant the towns future, Hirino never knew what it meant though when he chose it was the name for his crew, he knew that it for told the fate and out come of the adventure ahead of him, no matter what the word truly means, to Hiro and his crew it is the burning desire of their dreams.

Ship: Edit

The crew reside on a regular sized brigantine type ship known as the Dancing Dragon, the figure head is a sea green dragon that looks fierce and majestic at the same time, for firepower the ship relies on one cannon hidden in the figure head and three on each side of the ship, making a grand total of seven cannons. The ships has enough capacity for 10 people comfortably

Members: Edit

Hirino Jones Captain
Wilfred Barkskin First Mate/Doctor
Darcy Richards Navigator
Alford Salvotor Blacksmith
'Ship Wrecker' Alec Shipwright
Kaz Cook
Lucius Fer Zoologist
Ananke Entertainer