Personality: Edit

Of the level-headed but easy-going type.

Backstory: Edit

After spending his childhood years at an unnamed island of the South Blue learning the ways of the shipwright spent his teens traveling the seas on board of commercial ships working on repairing whatever was needed. At the age of 19 was already considered a shipwright having built many Fishing Boats during his travels to make a living.

But all of this was unfulfilling, there had to be more to life than just Fishing Boats and Traveling Traders.

And thus he sought for a life of piracy and adventure. And at the age of 26, after the events of Loguetown. It looks like his new life had just started.

Gained the epithet Stalagmite after being seen standing asleep in a dark cave.

Weapons: Edit


Spiked Gauntlets

Combat Style: Edit


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