Raphael Armstrong is a 30 year old man from the East Blue, willing to make friends with Pirates and Marines alike. He wishes to punish the evil.

Backstory Edit

Raphael was found inside a giant tree in East Blue by a lady who ran the town orphanage, when Raphael was 6 he left the orphanage to run his own farm on top of a mountain in his island, as Raphael reached the age of 30 he was famed for his size and strength. Raphael was a very nice person even if people rarely saw him. One day a kid got surrounded by a bunch of pirates and Raphael decided to help him, one pirate managed to cut him in the left arm so he decided he needed some protection. He started covering the cut scar with a band on his arm and from the giant tree he was found in he sculpted a door as big as him with his bare hands.

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