The Great Roro, Future Strongest Woman in the World.

Backstory :==

Raised in a farm, Roro was to become a simple Goat Herder like her father, but one day a group of pirates attacked her village and killed the inhabitants, including her parents leaving her with only her farm animals. She was only 16 at the time but was famed in the village for her strength and size, Roro managed to beat up the pirates, tie them all up together and throw them in the sea. Never wanting to experience such loss again she decided to train in the forest of her island where the last animal she killed was a giant tiger at the age of 20, she now wears the tigers face as a mask and is inspired by her fathers old fighting manuals with unusual attacks that she wanted to learn one day. Now as a 21 year old woman Roro decided to head out and build a new family, in search for adventure to forget her past.

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