Personality Edit

Background Edit

Born in the east blue to a master carpenter at one of the largest ports in the east blue, Raymond was the youngest of three sons, with the elder two being identical twins. All three of them apprenticed under their father, but Raymond surpassed both of them quickly After taking up the hammer. He learned the basic of carpentry of course, repairing simple wooden objects, carriage wheels, trucks, and the like, as well as how to build from scratch. He learned quickly under his father's tutelage. He learned the useful crafting, and taught himself the decorative uses, teaching himself to carve figures and instruments, just for fun. Raymond 's father would be invited to join the marines as a shipwright, and would be brought out to the grand line. His father jumped at the opportunity, but when he went he only brought the twins along with him. Raymond accepted it as first, doing odd jobs at the harbor just to stay near the work he loved. As he grew though, a resentment grew with him. Why did his brothers get to see the world while he was stuck here in what could only be called the boondocks compared to the rest of the world. As he did his odd jobs on the docks, he began to save every beli. One day he had enough, and he purchased everything he needed, one piece at a time. He began to build his boat up stream, in a deep tributary, feeding into the I ocean about a mile down. When he was finished, it wasn't large, and it wasn't extravagant, but it was seaworthy. Now it was his turn to see the world, and he was going to see it his way, as a pirate!

Equipment Edit

Wooden Macuahuitl - A longsword sized mace made of wood, edged with sharpened chips, that can be made from a variety of different materials, the ones used right now are a harder type of wood.

Carpenter's Toolkit: A leather messenger bag that sits at Raymond's side at almost all times. Contained within:

Several sizes of nails several sizes of screws A hammer a pair of screwdrivers a wood chisel a wood carving knife A small hand augur

The Saw and Planar are too large to be kept in the bag, and is generally left on the ship unless the task at hand calls for it.

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