Personality: Edit

He is very lighthearted and stubborn, and when he does things he does them right. When he needs to be he can be serious and determined, but also gets sad easily.

He recently discovered his one true fear: Death at the hands of a pirate. He also seems to like to ignore people, especially his captain Julles Barracuda.

Backstory: Edit

Born in the North Blue, this aspiring marine with short blonde hair and dark blue eyes spent his days doing target practice on a small island, who he heard great adventures were to be had. Training to become a marine, his parents tried to persuade him into choosing another career, but his stubbornness kept him on the same path. At age 16, his parents saw him off at the edge of the island, where he set off to join the marines. A year after joining the marines, he already loved capturing the pirates and criminals that terrorized the land. His presence on the marines was large, and they moved him to the Grand Line where he could do more work. Today, the tall, lighthearted marine continues to love his job.

Weapons: Edit

Two pistols with bayonets and ammo for both, as well as another that shoots a strong but light rope with a spearhead at the front for disarming people.

Combat Style: Edit

Preferring to run 'n' gun, he keeps a moderate distance between his foe, running to avoid attacks and shooting from all directions. He also uses his hookshot gun to fling to different places, disarm people, and use as a whip to latch around objects and pull them. For close range combat he uses the bayonets on the front of his pistols, as well as rarely using his twin daggers.