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Backstory: Edit

Born on a Winter Island deep in the Grand Line, Roa was raised by his Uncle who was a Warrior as well as a former pirate.

Raised on stories of the glorious adventures his uncle had during his pirate days, Roa decided at a young age that he would one day set out and become a pirate. Until the Age of 15 he and his Uncle lived and trained happily together until the Marines who had an active bounty out for him, found him in this country. His dream was further cemented into his mind when the Marines who had found him after years of searching, captured him and executed him in the public square.

After his uncle's death he left on a Merchant ship as a stowaway and did odd jobs until he came across the Captain of the Ragnarok Pirates and decided to join their crew as a fighter, using his skills inherited from his uncle.

Weapons: Edit

2 Tomahawk Axe's

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