Personality: Edit

Backstory: Edit

Roland has always had only one love in his life, Alcohol. This one thing is his reason for living, breathing and sleeping. That is until he met his captain Kenny Direhart. With him he found a new goal in life; to make sure that Kenny achieves his dream anyway he can. Even if he must kill to do so.

Weapons: Edit


Poison Vial

Vial of Sake

Worn Dagger

Tene's Sickle

Cuckoo Meat

Combat Style: Edit

Roland utilizes two fighting styles. First is a modified version of Drunk Brawling though instead of taking hits and dealing counter hits, he uses his stumbling body to make dodges and counters; usually by falling in a direction before using the momentum to get away or counter.

His second fighting style is for when he is sober, this fighting style is called En Garde. In En Garde his entire style is about countering an opponents attack. Roland is also able to incorporate light weapons into this fighting style. This style is made of many named counters including *Parry*, *Riposte*, and *Reversal*.

Misc: Edit

Occupation: Alcohol Brewing/ Poison making