Shiro Hushigako is a Young Boy, at the age of 13, he ran away from home, Because he had no one left he was alone with strangers in his Adoption Home, After Running Away he decided to travel the seas, Once againalone.


Soulth Blue, Shanabori Island, A Mostly Unknown Island, As its far from any other Island in the South Blue.

Personality Edit

Shiro has a Firey Personality, Doing everything in a fun kinda way, everything from going to the Loo to Fights.

Relationships Edit

His Mother dies at birth, Father when he was 5, Grandmother at 9, Grandfather; His Final family member at 13.

Backstory Edit

Shiro's Mother died as he was being born, Due to this his father hated him up to his last second when he was on this earth, he was a blacksmith, Shiro watched him everyday without his father caring for him, His father said I Love you as he was dieing. At the age of 5, he went to live with his grandparents, His grandma was a world renound Pirate cook and Grandfather a Former Pirate, His Grand father always taught Shiro the art of the sword, Every day after school, the only breaks he took from his swordmanship training was to sleep and to eat grandma's amazing food, After 4 years of training, His wonderful grandma sadly passed away, Training was cut down due to his grandfathers bad cooking, sometimes even burnt, It didnt really energize him, alough he never complained, His grandfather was the one to cut down the training so Shiro could go places and see the island, After another 3 years, His Amazingly strong Grandfather died, sending him to a childrens home, he ran away, jumped and a cargo ship and traveled around a bit, after a while hevwas able to buy a small boat, That later on was very useful, He got chased around alot as he was living the pirate life, diving forvtreasure he was able to fish up 5k beri before getting to the 3rd island on his path of the grandline, Roma Island, This is where he met Tene in a drinking contest and won 3k beri, and joined the Diresoul Pirates.     

Inventory Edit

  • One New Sword (Razor-Sharp); 
  • Two Old Swords (1 Old/Rusted, 1 Worn Out); 

Combat Style Edit

Two/One Sword-Style

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