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Backstory: Edit

Born and raised in a kingdom which lies in the North Blue, he had a sheltered childhood. His family was of noble birth which he never really appreciated because his only dream was to go out to the sea, since he saw the execution of a notorious pirate. He loved the thrill of getting in danger and that overwhelming feeling you get when you win. When he was in the age of 12 he made the decision to start his very own adventure and ran away from home, since he located a pirate ship which laid in a harbour on his island. He sneaked on board and hid himself for 14 days in an empty box with nothing but a dagger he got from his father when he was 6 years old and an old dice. After he was found, the captain of the pirate crew decided to let him stay on the ship and so his adventure began. It has been 10 years since that. After countless battles and a tragic incident with the marines, he is the only one from his former crew left alive. Now he is roaming through various lands and seas, making his money from gambling and searching for like-minded people who share his lust for danger.

Weapons: Edit

A metallic rod

A dagger

A pistol

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