Sorbet Village
Vital statistics
Type Village
Level Very Safe
Location Vanilla Isle (East Blue)
Inhabitants Barnbolio, Sorbet citizens

Description Edit

Sorbet Village is a peaceful town on the souther side of the island of Vanilla Isle , in the East Blue. Its inhabitants rely mainly on commerce drawn in by the popularity of Crème Glacée Oui-Oui, owned by the jolly Barnbolio.

Interactions Edit

During Vanilla Ise and Vanilla Isle Ice Cream Contest threads, pirates, bounty hunters and marines chatted, ate and laughed with the locals under Barnbolio's watchful eye.


For over two centuries now, Vanilla Isle has been a center for culinary sweetness, being located close to Loguetown . The location was favorable as merchants from the East Blue who set sail to sell their merchandise in the much profitable, but dangrous, Grand Line , often passed by to resupply themselves and get ready for the seas ahead. With this traffic, it has become a source of fame and tourism.