Stat Rankings Edit

This page has been created to be a complete top 10 and list-format top 15 stat totals of non-NPC characters, and will be updated at the end of every location.

As of the end of the players' visit to Roma, the rankings are as such:

Player name Rank Affiliation Total Stats
??? 1 ??? ???
Shinra Zarzula 2 Marines 251
Aether Grayspine 3 Pirates 228
Algernon Everill 4 Marines 227
Karra Silvers 5 Marines 226
Blake Eaton 6 Marines 222
Barnabe G. Olden 7 Marines 217
Red Jack 8 Marines 214
Willow Z. Heart 9 Marines 212
"Trickster" Zone 10 Pirates 211
Kenny Direhart 10 Pirates 211
Fenix Black 11 Pirates 210
Tene Uicter 12 Pirates 208
Clyde Hawthorne 12 Pirates 208
Mikealo Spaghetti 13 Marines 207
Atticus Reyes 13 Pirates 207
Char Nakiri 14 Marines 203
Hirino Jones 15 Pirates 202

Full Stat rankings Edit

You can check where you stand here (LATEST UPDATE: 14/9/2015).

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