Ray is the captain of The Underworld Pirates.

Appearance Edit

Ray is a fishman of huge stature, long limbs and grey skin. He has a strong physique and short bluish-grey hair with the charm to fancy ladies. He has a bushy blush-grey beard. He wears a red bandana and dark shorts.

Personality Edit

Ray is short tempered, easily irritated and seldom calm. He rarely finds people worthy of his respect and treats everyone below himself.

Relationships Edit

The Underworld Pirates Edit

Esmond Elric Edit

Ray and Esmond had a rocky start, with Ray almost killing Elric in a brawl. things quieted down after Gin and Shin interfered.

Gintoki Edit

Gintoki stopped Ray from killing Esmond in the Colosseum at Roma. Ray decided not to take on Gin, shin and Esmond together, and turned away to leave, but was met with the offer to join the crew.

Shinmen Akasukin

Shin was accompanying gin when esmond was about to be killed by Ray's final thrust. Shin was the doctor on site which helped esmond survive. Their first meet wasn't much of a party, yet, they go along just fine.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Ray is a huge man, and incredibly powerful. His skill with a trident is second to none, and hand to hand combat instills fear. He's currently developing new attacks and working his way up in honing gyojin karate.

Weapons Edit

Trident belonging to the deceased captain of the Neptune pirates.

History Edit

Ray was the second in command of the Neptune Pirates when they were ambushed and ruthlessly defeated by the marines. All the crew mates died except Ray, who vowed to avenge them. He took his fallen Fishman captain's trident and set on a long and tireless mission to slay that faction of the marines. Ray's perseverance bore fruit when he took down three warships with a hundred marine soldiers and officers. Now he is looking for a worthy captain to pledge his allegiance to.

He loves fruits. He has beautiful naturally bluish-grey thick hair which makes all the women envious. Not wanting the attention, he always hides it.

Major battles Edit

Against Esmond Eric at the colosseum in Roma.

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